Who are we?

Tutor master is an educational provider, offering the best tailor-made education for your child, via one 2 one tuition, webinars, revision seminars or after school clubs. We are based in North London and cover the whole of London and some surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on the personal service and quality of the education that we provide. Our parents and students are like part of the family; with your best interests at heart always.

Here at tutor master we believe the foundations of our company are built on the quality and
experience of our tutors. All of our tutors are educational specialists who are working at the heart of education within the highly demanding classroom environment. They possess the skills and strategies to take control of the learning environment and achieve results. These strategies include behaviour management, making learning fun, interesting and inspiring, developing productive relationships with students and really getting to know their learners, so that they can personalise a bespoke learning package especially for them.

Tutor master has been built by teachers who have worked in schools for their whole career and have first-hand experience about the difficulties schools face in engaging and meeting the needs of all students. From special educational needs to underachievement, schools are under more pressure than ever before, with expanding class sizes, lack of funding and high teacher turnover leading to discontinuity. We have seen the on-going challenges of parents to engage their children and keep them motivated while supporting the school. At the heart of all this is the child – is it any wonder that they need some extra help?

Whether attending a state or private school, students all learn in different styles, be they auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learners. Many children all three and with the quality and experience of our tutors, we are able to offer tuition that meets the need of your child. We work with the highest- achieving A level students, helping them to secure their A* for Oxbridge and Russell group universities, to students who really need that confidence boost and skill development.

Our Special Educational Needs adviser is qualified in psychometric testing and is able to provide assessments for exam access arrangements. After an initial consultation with your child, advice and strategies will be provided to the tutor, the parent and the child at every stage to ensure that your child’s specific learning needs are met.

Many of our tutors have leading roles within schools, as assistant head teachers or heads of
department, as well as having vast subject knowledge and examination preparation skills. They are therefore best-place to offer strategies for optimum exam success.

“At Tutor Master we pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our teachers”

However, at Tutor Master, all our tutors come highly commended by us – we have access to the best teachers, who we have observed in the classroom and who hold a great reputation in the profession.

We also understand that, just as in school, learners engage better when they have a mutual
connection with certain teachers over others; personality and teaching styles vary, therefore we do not believe in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We will carry out a free consultation with every student prior to sending out a tutor, in order to ensure that we find the perfect fit for your child and match the level of education and specialism to help them succeed.