Tutoring has now become a staple part of families’ diets due to its affordability and versatility. Tutoring can be used as a means of developing students to reach their goal whether it is to help them to pass entrance exam, achieve the highest possible grades at GCSE/A levels or to help students overcome obstacles and achieve the best that they can. Tutoring offers as supplement to privately educated children or a cheaper alternative for parents who cannot afford to send their children through private education, but still want a bespoke educational programme to help their child succeed.  It is a tool which will help all students to succeed as most parents and students will agree if you find the right tutor! BUT how do you find the right tutor?

It’s a difficult one and the answer will differ depending on who you speak with but there is a factor that just cannot be ignored. Coming from a strong behaviour management background in London schools and dealing with students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. For me the biggest and most important factor is how the teacher relates to the student and how they develop positive relationships and positive learning atmosphere. As teachers, whether we like it or not, that fact is that children (especially teenagers) will respect the teachers that they feel are worth respecting, harsh but true! As teachers we are all qualified to teach our subject but how we deliver that information, hone in to a child’s learning style, build confidence an give them the tools to learn, not just in the lesson but outside of it too, is the difference between a good teacher and an outstanding one.

This is the same for tutoring, the willingness for a student to want to fully engage and enjoy learning together with the subject specialisms of the tutor, is the recipe for success. We have all seen it before where students will work well in a subject for a teacher they have a positive rapport with, but will struggle to focus in a lesson where they haven’t developed a positive relationship with that teacher. We’ve all been there as adults listening to a lecture, seminar or video of a person who is giving us information, we switch off the second it becomes boring and the information just goes right over our heads.. its human nature.

That’s why at tutor master, the recipe for our success has been to use of quality classroom teachers, whose livelihood is to build positive relationships and who work in a progress driven environment. We ensure that we will provide you with one of our teachers who we think will work well with the personality of your child to provide a personal and bespoke service.

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